How To Improve Keyword Ranking On Google

Hey SEOs! 

Today I'm going to talk about one of the most interested topic in SEO, how to rank keywords on search engine like google, yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo!

If you are an SEO expert, it's a huge challenge for you  

Because, everybody trust in results not in theory! Especially our clients..

Image: Ranking a keyword / @BacklinkDAD

So first of all what should we do to rank a keyword?

My suggestion is if you are an SEO expert, you already know about SEO tools Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, or/ Ubersuggest. Use any one tools, no problem which tool you are using. Then start keyword researching.

Your first challenge is create an keyword research excel sheet and listing on your targeted keywords.
Always try to keep high search volume with high CPC keywords with LOW KD!

Because ultimately our goal is ranking keywords, getting traffic and earning money with advertisements.

Is it right?

I think, YES! Because clients pay SEO experts for ranking their sites on search engine.

So start your keyword research journey. Take low KD 5 keywords. Then, Talk to your client about he is ready to hiring content writer or not. Discuss with him / her. Because without good quality content, you can't get sustainable ranking position on google. Needs all. like, Content / Backlink / Well Designed Site Structure / Technical SEO.

So you have to talk with your website owner. Convince him to hiring content writer. Publish quality content based on targeted keywords.

If you done this work, you have completed 50% works!

Secondly What Should I do to Rank a Keywords Faster On Google?

You have already done keyword research & Published quality content based on your targeted keywords. So now you have to recheck your client site design. If you think it's Ok, then get ready to go next step.

But, If you think site design should be improved, tell him to hiring a website designer / web developer.

It's important to do! In 2024, just putting AI Articles & Creating only backlinks you can't survive on Search Engine Ranking!

So, convinced your website owner. Discuss. Then Take steps. If he is not willing to invest in site design. Tell him you are not then responsible for ranking in targeted keywords. Tell him, you can do your work, but no guaranty have this site will win google awards!

What is my next step for ranking a keyword journey?

You have completed all other additional tasks already with your keyword research. 

So, you did keyword research, checked site design - fixed that, hired an professional content writer - published quality article.

Now, you have to make a plan to win a high race battle using backlinks!

Earning Quality Backlinks - Ultimate Plans Are!

1st: High Quality Foundational Backlinks.
2nd: HARO (Connectively) Link Building.
3rd: Guest Posting.
4th: Niche Based Link Insertion.
5th: Social Sharing.
6th: Brand Mention plus, Broken link building.
7th: Resource page backlinks.
8th: Audio link building.
9th: Joining Podcast.
10th: PR Backlinks and Try all above!

#1 High Quality Foundational Backlinks - Earning Tips

As an SEO expert we already know, all backlinks are not created same way. Foundational backlinks are important for a website higher visibility, authority, & ranking higher.

Carefully you have to selected your niche related websites. And off course you should give here priorities to select backlinks site by DA / PA, SS (Spam Score), Website structure, Traffic & Age.

Image: Search Foundational Backlinks Site / @BacklinkDAD

SEO experts considering these backlinks as a Foundational Backlinks:

1. Profile backlinks
2. Forum Backlinks
3. Blog Comments
4. WEB 2.0
5. Directories Submission

So now you can do google,

"Profile Backlinks Site List" / "Forum Backlinks Site List" / "High DA Foundational Backlinks" etc. 

Create an excel sheet, put these sites here.

Use some tools to checking sites qualities.

You should check all these facts before selecting a site for taking backlinks.

I am suggesting to invest at least 3 to 7 days to research and finding all niche related sites and keep them individually after selecting by checking all facts.

I think it will be helpful for you in future when you will try to work for different different clients different niche sites. This process will save your time plus keep you stress free!

Some SEO experts suggests to create daily only 5 to 10 links. Someone suggests more. 

But my suggestion is, after completed all previous steps carefully when started link building then it's doesn't matter to how many links you are daily generated manually, yes manually. But we should follow a rules that will be more beneficial. 

Like, 1st day you build 30 links. Then next 7 days you were not build a single links. Is it looks like natural? The answer is NO!

You have to maintain consistency when you are going to build backlinks. You have to make it looks like more natural. Google doesn't suggest to build you backlinks. But Ranking a site you have to do it, but VERY Carefully.

Before, publishing minimum number of content and quality content, if you go to build backlinks, then you have chances to get penalty. 

Before the first days, If you are trying to build lots of backlinks you have also chances to get penalty.

If you are using any tools to generate quickly lots of backlinks to rank higher, you have chances to get also manual penalty.

Be smart. 

Build slowly. 

Stay long time!

#2 HARO (Connectively) Link Building Tips

HARO is one of most powerful backlink that helps to boost website ranking. 


These sites are like monster!

These sites DA / PA or, DR will surprised YOU! No Doubt MAN!

Using HARO, you have chances to get backlinks from world most famous sites.

Like New York Times, MSN, Yahoo, Microsoft, Entrepreneur, etc.

Getting 1 links from these site can change your website ranking within over night.

Backlinks are vote. Google care about it.

If you get 10 high quality HARO backlinks, It's must better that creating 10,000 foundational backlinks.

Hard to earn but results are so sweet!

So, how can you start building HARO Backlinks?

Starting HARO (New Home: Connectively) backlinks is not difficult. First of all, Create an professional email using proper name, profile, others public information! 

Then sign up on their website.

Filling up all with all necessary information, and GO!

Everyday 3 times HARO will send you notification about your selected niche where journalists are waiting for getting their query answer!

Provide them value, get featured! 

Earn High DR Backlinks & Win SEO Games!

Image: HARO (Connectively) / BacklinkDAD

#3 Guest Posting Is Queen, How To Play With This Card?

We know, Content is King! And You have to use this king to earn Queens heart ( I mean, Guest Post Backlinks)!

Guest post is the key to get faster ranking on any search engine.

Everyone cares about it.

But In 2024, Even not every guest post will work.

You have to choose carefully every sites for you, which one you wants to get quality backlinks.

Imagine, your niche is tech. But you are taking links from entertainment niche website.

Does it make sense?

The answer is: NO!

If you have 10 backlinks, and 1 is from general niche, it's acceptable. But 10/10 is from irrelevant sites is not looks like good backlink profile.

You shouldn't anything that's are cheap.

Keep in mind, cheap things are not long lasting for image or ranking!

So, you have to must avoid cheap free guest posting backlinks. 

Example: Which sites using "write for us" for getting published an post to their site, google considered them poor sites. Not for all, but in most of the cases it's true!

Be different, because everyone sending the same pitch to the webmaster is, I want to write content for you and give me 1 or 2 do follow backlinks!

Think, a popular - well recognized website owner will why consider you to write on their site?

How they will confirm you are authentic, you have good knowledge on this specific area?

You have to think about it.

So, show them why you are different.

Do homework. 

Open an sheet, write who are you

What's the work you have done before.

Mention them, insert article links.

Tell the webmasters, how it's performed.

Overall, show your skill, performance, experience.

Then go to the process!

Try to send epic pitch that is standard to get approval of writing.

Research their article, find out their old article, see what's backdated facts are here. Then send proposal to webmasters how you can improve it, and don't forget to mention before what you have done for others and their ranking position is now and what was before!

It will give you more chances to get approval! Good luck man.

Don't hurry, Weekly getting 2 links is enough if it's from high authority sites.

Quality matters, Quantity doesn't.

#4 Become Successful In Niche Based Link Insertion

To becoming successful in niche based link insertion needs skill of high quality pitch submission.

Firstly you have do competitor backlink profile research, create an excel sheet and put all potential sites where you want to put your efforts.

You also use Ahrefs, it's paid tools feature.

Collect at least 100 targeted sites for sending them pitch.

Colleting sites are not everything. Then you have find out email of all webmasters.

Please remember, don't send email for link to the CEO or founder.

If it's well recognized sites, then it's not managing by CEO, you have to keep in minds.

You should send pitch to content marketer, Content writer, Marketing heads.

Hunter is one of the great tool, you can use it for collecting email, then verify the email is valid or not.

You can check it also using online few tools.

Consider minimum DA / PA, DR, SS, Site Traffic to selecting targeting sites.

Selecting wrong sites can kill you time.

If most of the site owner asking you for money, then you haven't done good for selecting sites!

Remember, Ney York Times, Entrepreneur, etc. will never ask you for money.

#5 Social Sharing, Brand Mention, Broken Link Building Can Change The SEO Game

These 3 process of getting links can significantly improve a website ranking. 

I believe in Social Share, Brand mention, & even broken link building.

Social share helps lot to boost website ranking.

Share always effective and helpful content on social media profiles. 

At least create content and post it on FB, X, LinkedIn.

Use Canva for creating image, don't use google copyright images.

Be unique!

Always, try to engage with customers, fans, audiences. Reply them in comments. Provide them value.

Reply to their message.

And, Share your article on social media.

It will not boost your site DA / PA, DR, but it will help you to gain Trust.

Brand Mention is another tramp card, use it. If someone already mention you in their article not linked you? Ask them for link. You have higher chances to win this battle now!

Then, Broken link Building!

Yes, In 2024 It still works.

It's true most of the number of webmaster will not care about it, or you will not get backlink in most of the cases. But If you reach out to 1000 webmasters and get 05 links! Still it's not BAD!

Something is better than Nothing.

Keeps it in your mind dear.

#6 Resource Page & Audio Link Building Impacts

Resource pages are something that is created by webmasters for intend to help peoples by providing helpful digital content / tools with links.

It's directly related to users. So there is NO doubt that these links are valuable for you, If you get.

Because you will get traffic plus your site authority will increase!

In most of the cases, Resource page links are Do-Follow links.

If you believe you web page is good for users, it will be helpful for users, don't feel shy to contact with webmasters. Ask them to allow your page to their resource page, automatically you have chances to win! Go fast, grab first.

Now How About, Audio Link Building?

It's one of the most powerful - unique techniques to earn  quality backlinks.

You know, some people loves to read & some people loves to hear!

Nothing wrong is in hear!

Most of the cases, people doing another works and that time they loves to also hearing something they likes also.

So, you should take this advantage.

Try to find out your targeted websites, which is your destination. 

Use AI, using text make an audio. Simply, search on google text to audio.

Generate an quality audio, contact with webmasters.

Tell them, how it will help his users.

You have chances here to win a High quality backlinks.

Don't panic! It's a slow game.

#7 Finally, We will know about Joining Podcast & PR Backlinks

Podcast is the way to sharing thoughts, talking with lots of visitors. As an expert if you join any podcast, the owner of the website which podcast you have joined have chances to feature, and have 100% chance to get mentioned your website links.

Take helps of google, search your niche related podcast sharing sites / YouTube channel, contact with them, get approved, join, get featured. BOOM!

PR Backlink? - In 2024 PR backlinks matter. If your client is willing invest money, then Just GO here. Don't hesitate. You have chances to get high quality backlinks, even if it's No-Follow! It will also increase your visibility, website traffic!

My Bottom Points: I Think Link building is the golden fiver for boosting your sites ranking. Google cares about it. If your site is authentic, If you provide real value to your audience, link building will help you, But follow strategies, because all links are not good for you.

Never use tools for creating backlinks. Never use PBN. Never Buy Backlinks.

If you do these, Today or Tomorrow You Will Get Penalties!

If you try, do it in your own risks. Remember, Google is not Fool.

For Foundational Backlinks, use backlink ping tools. Because, it will helps to indexed your links.

No Indexed, No Links, No value, No Traffic.

Exchange links, But do-NOT Excessively.

Happy Link Building!

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