How To Outrank Competitors Website

Today in this article we will talk about, how exactly we can outrank our competitors website even if it’s high authority website!

First point is - CONTENT!

We know the Universal truth, content is king. We have to provide quality contents.

Our aim should be helping people by providing information, our target should be make happy our readers not Google.

According to Saul from, we must study on what we are going to share
with our audience, what information they want, why they are searching the keyword. 

We have to fulfil the keyword intent. 

High quality content doesn’t mean providing 10K words content. Example, someone asking for direct question: what’s your country name?

Here if you provide 500 words, doesn’t it make sense.

If anyone do this kinda job, then have a great chances to loose traffic! 

Never disappoint your readers!

So, you have to do proper research; you have to read all top competitors article, you have to learn first, then sit for writing for audience. 

Try to provide better & updated information. 

To outrank a competitor you have to follow them always. 

Your content should be fresh, grammatically error free, informative, well-researched, visually looking attractive, well structured.

Use photoshop, canva, or other tools to make relatable image. 100 words is equal to just one single image. 

Meaningful image helps to understand the answer more easily. Try to use it. It helps.

Second key point - Backlink!

Backlink is another most effective factor to outrank any competitors website. 

Backlink is one kinda vote! Google care about it.

Research show that, which website has more unique backlink these sites are ranking higher on search engine. 

Try to research at least 10 competitors backlink profile. To get ideas how many backlinks we should earn to outrank our competitors, we have to do it.

Without backlink ranking on top position is not impossible but when the question is about high search volume - ranking for high keyword difficulty, then of course you have to play with backlink.

But, never go for spammy or redirects backlink. It will harm your site ranking, even you have chances to get manual penalty! 

Make a proper plan. Create an backlink strategies. Then hire professional backlink expert or you learn it. Then carefully apply it.

My third suggestion is - Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one most important thing that plays a vital role to ranking a keyword in search engine. 

Writing article & Making good backlink profile is necessary but Technical SEO is more important in same way.


Publishing content is not all.

You have to create sitemap. You have to add your site on google search console. You have to add site on google analytics. Sometimes, you have to fix canonical tag. You have to make sure crawler can access your site.

There are lot of thing about Technical SEO, that you have to fixed.

Indexing article is top challenge, writing quality article won’t work if it’s not indexed. 

Carefully you have to solve all technical part.

It’s important.

Number 4th point - On Page SEO

On-page SEO is important. Doing proper keyword research and writing SEO friendly articles based on these kw is so important. 

Research show that, mentioning targeted kw on first 5 lines in your article are helping to identify google bot easily to detect what’s about it!

But don’t keyword stuffing. Unnecessarily don’t put keyword. On page SEO doesn’t mean doing keyword stuffing, it will not helps.

Smartly do the works!

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