Top 2 Link Building Techniques That Works In 2024

Link building is one of best search engine rankings factor. Although google never disclosed this truth officially. But research shows its matters in ranking. 

Today we will talk about best 2 white hat link building techniques that really still works in 2024!

Number #1: HARO Link Building

HARO full meaning is Help A Reporter Out. Haro is a place where is involved top quality reporters / journalists and source from worldwide, they are representing top quality website & experienced sources sharing their thoughts.

HARO community manually check every websites, then if it is fulfil their requirements then they approve it.

So there is no doubt about quality of these websites. 

Getting 1 high DA / PA backlink is much better than 10 low DA / PA backlink.

So putting effort on this is beneficial! 

Create one professional gmail account, then sign up for HARO now 

Here is two option, one is for source & another one is for journalists. 

We are looking for earning backlinks, so choose source and provide all required information and go to for next steps.

It’s so easy!

Every day 3 times you will receive email from HARO to response queries. 

Use super tool chat gpt, to go more faster way.

Try to response how much possible, sometimes number matters!

How much you will response, the chances will increase to getting backlinks.

Stay positive, and continue.. 

Good luck SEOs!

Number #2: Guest Posting is Rock✊

Old is Gold! Same way guest posting is rock for SEOs.

Guest posting is writing article for others website owner and by published it getting a link as an author is called guest posting. 

It’s one of the best authentic and natural way to get high quality backlinks.

Before selecting every websites for guest post, don’t forget to checking some factors like: website traffic, da / pa, backlink profile strength, website content, authority, etc.

In 2024 don’t go to for guest posting using write for us page. Search engine algorithm take it as a spam.

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